About Us

We at IT Solution(Bucks) Ltd are a family run IT business helping you with any and all of your IT issues, challenges, repairs and queries. We have over 45 years in business and 20 years experience in the IT industry. 

No matter how large or small the situation is we have the solution. We are happy to work with individuals that need help or small to large businesses that either require one-off help or ongoing support. We offer services to suit you and your IT needs.

We are committed to helping everybody. From people who only have basic knowledge to people who have advanced  knowledge in IT.

Our engineers are committed and very patient and more than happy to explain all aspects in simple rather than technical terms so that the everyday person can fully understand and engage. 

No question is a stupid question if you're not sure of the answer, that is where our engineers extensive knowledge patience and understanding are the fundamental principles of our company.



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